In-Depth Guide to 5 Most Profitable Cycling Bets

Not all cycling gambling strategies bring good results. If you opt for small odds, stick to unprofitable strategies, or combine the wrong types of predictions that do not go well together, you may end up never winning big. Do not worry – in this article, we are going to break down the 5 most popular lucrative bets that will skyrocket your revenue immediately. Let’s get started!

Guess The Cycling Team Winner

Since cycling is a team sport, the riders work together. It is a good chance to try your luck and predict what side will be the ultimate champion of the race. To place this bet, we recommend you study all members of the team and analyze their recent performance and overall motivation to emerge victorious. As a rule, such a strategy has a great ROI and is not very complicated, so we encourage you to try this tactic to boost your deposit.

Select The Race Winner

This is by far the most popular cycling bet, but it has quite high odds (depending on the race, of course). All you need to do is to predict who is going to be the ultimate winner of the race. If you are a newbie, we recommend you start with this strategy since it does not require thorough research or complex strategies.

Predict Who Will Cross The Line First

Stage winner tactic requires you to select the rider who is going to cross the line first in various individual stages. If you do not want to watch the entire race and want a quicker-paced journey, this tactic is your best go-to. Before the competition, analyze the terrain and see what riders are the best at each particular part of it. It is a more difficult bet than the previous one, but you do not need to watch the entire race and analyze each stage of the contest.

Find The Best Mountain Climber

There are a lot of different types of riders – some are good at sprinting, while some are pros at climbing. In this strategy, you need to find good athletes who know how to climb mountains at high speeds so that their competitors could not keep up. Ideally, you need to rewatch previous races that were held in mountains and select the top riders. As a rule, the best athletes in such competitions are those who live at high altitudes, for example, Bolivia.

Try Your Luck By Choosing The Best Sprinter

In this cycling betting tactic, you need to find the best and fastest athlete on a particular part of the race. Usually, such bets give a crazy ROI and offer crazy high odds. We advise you to check out some of the previous contests and see what riders were showing the biggest motivation to get to the front of the race and sprint ahead of the other athletes and win the contest.

Let’s Try These Cycling Betting Strategies Right Now!

If you use any of the cycling betting tactics mentioned above, you are guaranteed to get a huge return on your investment. All of these wagers provide attractive odds, but you can boost your revenue by simply comparing the coefficients on various sites and opting for the most generous ones. Do not forget about special promo deals from bookmakers that you can use to skyrocket your investment.
Now you know all 5 most profitable bets you can place in cycling, so why not sign up to a few trustworthy providers, use their special offers and choose the best odds and make some money? Pick a race, do a quick research and get ready to see the big $$$ in your bank account.