How To Gamble On Cycling And Win!

Are you a cycling enthusiast looking to try out some bets or a gambler looking for a new market to explore? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, we are going to break down the basics of betting on cycling including different wagers, events, and strategies. Let’s get started!

What Types of Predictions Can You Make?

Cycling betting is one of the most popular among other niches due to the amazing diversity in the number of wagers you can make. Check out some of our favorite strategies below:

  • Race winner – With this tactic, your goal is to predict which rider will win the overall contest. As many cycling events have multiple stages with this wager you only care about the final result and not which athlete wins an individual stage.
  • Stage winner – Unlike a race winner wager with this prediction you are only focused on predicting the result of an individual stage. For example, if you predict Tadej Pogačar to win stage 5 but he fails to win the Tour de France your bet still wins!
  • Team winner – Riders compete as part of teams, with this bet you can gamble on the team which accumulates the most points during a competition.
  • Best sprinter – Many races like the Tour de France award the green jersey to the athlete who accumulates the most points during sprints. With this wager, you can predict which rider will take home the green jersey
  • Best mountain climber – Cycling events also like to reward the riders who score the most points during climbs and steep sections of a race. With this betting tactic, you can predict which rider will wear the coveted polka dot jersey and be crowned the king of the mountains.
    With so many different types of cycling bets, how could you ever get bored? If you are a newbie, we do not encourage you to combine multiple strategies at the same time. Instead, try optimizing your tactic with one wager and then move on to the next one once you have improved your tactics.

What Are the Best Cycling Events to Gamble On?

  1. When gambling on cycling it is important to only bet on high-quality events which offer fantastic odds. These best races to gamble on include:
  2. Tour de France – This contest is definitely the number 1 race! This 3-week race is incredibly grueling and ends in Paris with the winner standing on the podium in Yellow Jersey.
  3. Giro d’Italia – While the Tour de France is the biggest event of the year, the Giro is not far behind. This 21 stage race sees riders from all around the world descend on Italy. The Giro is known for having incredible mountain stages!
  4. Vuelta – It is Spain’s answer to the Tour de France and sees the very best riders race around Spain over 3 weeks. Every rider in the world dreams of one day winning this incredible race!
  5. Paris-Roubaix – This legendary event takes place every year and starts just north of Paris before ending up in Roubaix. This cycling race is incredibly exciting as it only lasts one day and sees riders racing over muddy fields and incredibly slippery cobblestones.

By placing cash on these races, you give yourself a great shot at winning, while also getting to enjoy world-class contests.

What to Consider Before Betting on a Cyclist?

To improve your win gambling win percentage you should consider the following factors:
Rider’s form – Even the best cyclists in the world have the chance of winning major races like the Tour de France if they are not in peak form. 3-week stages are so grueling that cyclists need to be 100% prepared otherwise they won’t be able to keep up. Before you place a bet make sure the rider is ready to go!
Rider’s motivation – Even if an athlete is fully peaked and in great form that is all meaningless if the rider is not 100% motivated and ready to give his all to win. Cycling races like the Giro or Vuelta are extremely tough and riders need to dig deep and suffer if they want to win. Sometimes riders are not in the right mindset to perform at their best so before you bet make sure your athlete is mentally in the zone!
The race type – There is a big difference between a one-day event like the Paris-Roubaix and a 3-week event like the Tour de France. When predicting which rider will win you need to consider the race type and select a rider who specializes in that particular style of racing. For example, if it is a mountain stage you should select athletes who historically perform well in steep events.
By considering these factors prior to betting you should see a big boost in your win percentage!

What Are Some Winning Cycling Betting Strategies?

To start making winning cycling wagers try out these strategies:
Bet on unknown Colombian riders – Colombian athletes have been taking over cycling recently and perform exceptionally well during mountainous stages.
Wager on young athletes to win the green jersey – Sprinters tend to be younger and peak sooner. You should look for sprinters who are in 25 or below and bet big on them.
Gamble on hometown cyclists – If a cycling race is taking place in Italy, bet on some Italian riders to win. Athletes who are racing in their hometowns tend to outperform and cause some big upsets!
Give these gambling strategies a go and watch your win percentage climb!

Time To Gamble On Cycling

Follow our advice and choose one of our recommended cycling events and bet types. Then all you need to do is research the athlete’s recent performance, and rewatch some of the cycling events and select one of our recommended strategies. Good luck!